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There are three different methods for producing cut pile carpet-Wilton, Axminster, and tufted.. * Axminster is a weaving process where virtually any number of colors can be used. Shown below is a description of how to choose the best carpet for your situation along with comparisons of different carpets plus the benefits of using carpet as compared to other flooring systems. Darker colors tend to do the opposite. The patterns are limited, but the Axminster process makes for a more durable carpet. Some carpets have a more casual appearance while others look more formal. Mohawk Carpets with SmartStrand and Shaw Carpets with SoftBac Platinum display some the major advancement in carpet construction technology. The tufting process is similar to using a large sewing machine that is about 13 feet wide with 100 of needles that sew the yarn low melt polyester into a synthetic backing. Upgrade the padding to match the quality of the carpet being used. * Always, take samples home to compare color and style to your room. UPGRADE! * Less expensive carpet and padding can be used in areas where the traffic is less of a factor, such as bedrooms and closets. * Tufted is the most common type of carpet produced in the US today. Most carpet today is tufted, rather than woven. Often referred to as "underlay" or "cushion," padding thickness depends on the pile of the carpet above it. In fact, the padding that goes between the carpeting and the sub-flooring is as important as the choice of carpeting itself. Do not fall for the free padding offer. * Cut pile carpet is made when the tops of the loops are sheered off. * Wool, nylon and polyester are the most popular. * Wilton is also a type of weave, usually containing up to five colors. For instance, some types of carpets do better in high traffic areas than others. Now that you know what to look for in carpet, the next time you begin a flooring overhaul, you will be able to an educated selection instead of depending on the advice of a store clerk. * Carpet in high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs will last longer with a textured high face weight cut pile with tightly twisted yarn or a high face weight loop pile. Cut-N-Loop, also known as patterned carpet, is a combination of both loop and cut yarns or variations of loops set to different pile heights. * Cut-n- loop carpet is a combination of the two processes producing distinct patterns. * Lighter colors tend to brighten a room and make it appear to be larger. Types of Yarn * There are numerous types of yarn used today; some natural and some man made. Carpet Styles * There are three basic styles of carpet, Loop pile, Cut pile, and Cut-n-loop * Loop pile carpet is continuously looped, and offers various textures. Large patterns tend to make a room appear smaller while small patterns make a room appear larger. * The quality of the padding is very important. It is primarily used in high quality patterned wool carpet. Carpet is basically constructed in three types of piles: loop pile, cut pile and cut-n-loop. Carpet manufacturers and fiber producers are combining softer fibers and better built-in stain resistance with special backings that block odors, spills and more! These types of features are built-in to many of the better quality carpets offered by the leading carpet manufacturers. It increases thermal comfort and at the same time decreases unwanted ambient noises. Things to Remember When Choosing Carpet * The amount of traffic should determine the quality of carpet and padding you choose. Carpeting Versus Hard Surfaces * Carpet is available in many different styles, colors, and designs * Carpet is an excellent acoustics and thermal insulator. Color and Pattern Considerations * Color is typically the most difficult part of choosing carpet, there are many different colors to choose from. How long a carpet will retain it is like new texture and appearance is based on the type of fiber, how tight the yarns are twisted and heat-set, and the pile density. * Patterns also help mask stains and wear.Before you can determine the best carpet for any specific situation, you must first have a basic understanding of the various types of carpet along with the benefits of each type. Obviously, by not cleaning your carpets regularly, or by using improper cleaning methods will affect the appearance and life of your carpet as well. Padding provides softness and support, cuts down on noise and insulates the floor. * Carpet is certainly more comfortable to walk on, cushioning feet and reducing fatigue. The majority of carpets sold today are made from nylon fibers twisted into yarns and then tufted into carpet. Also, how tightly the tufts are packed together will also effect the long term durability of a carpet. Padding should be no thicker than 7 16 inch, even for a very deep pile carpet. * Patterns can also affect the apparent size of a room. Though relatively new, tufted carpet is simpler and less expensive to produce than Axminster and Wilton carpet. Too much cushion can actually void a manufacturer's warranty; so, take the time to find the padding that is right for your new carpet. * Each one offers different characteristics

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